Although we might intellectually know that when we lack work-life wellness it affects other parts of our lives, sometimes it’s hard to see that. We get so caught up in the drop hitting the surface (“work stuff”) that we forget to see the ripples radiating outward. We’re all connected. You’re connected to your friends, your family members, even your partner if you have one, not to mention pets, your environment, and your mental and physical health. All of this is connected. And when the drop, the “stuff”, hits the surface of the water, the effects spread outward.

Sometimes we see this when other people mention that they’re perceiving something going on. When they bring it to our attention, then we realize what’s been happening. Other times we have an “aha” moment when we realize that something has happened in our lives. We see the things which have fallen through the cracks and the way that our lives have been affected–only then do we see the ripples.

So what are the ripples?

  • They’re the projects we never took up or started and then dropped.
  • They’re realizing you can either do a toxic day at the job or be productive elsewhere, but not both.
  • It’s feeling like you don’t deserve anything good because your job doesn’t treat you well.
  • It’s wondering if you’re ever going to get anywhere, because your job is taking you nowhere.
  • It’s depression and burnout and anxiety and cPTSD and all the things caused by a toxic job.
  • It’s wishing you were anywhere else besides your employment and yet knowing you have to be there at least until things can change.

Are there ripples showing up in your life? How are you seeing the effects? Recognizing them is the first step. You don’t need to take the next step immediately, but if you’re ready, think about how you can make the change.

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