It’s lonely being a solo business owner, an entrepreneur…whatever term you use, it’s pretty lonely. One of the main reasons why it feels so lonely is that too often getting the word out about the work you do, the creations you make, seems to be a pretty difficult venture. Social media algorithms are designed to reward engagement, and for those that feel comfortable (and authentic) posting things on social media designed to get answers, clicks, and views, that can help. But the honest truth is that marketing is largely a game, and a neurotypical game at that, which means it feels extra difficult for neurodivergent individuals.

And let’s be frank about it, there’s not a lot of cooperation. I see a lot of influencers and coaches out there shouting at the acolytes surrounding them, hanging on their every word. Most of them are only interested in growing their circle, increasing THEIR reach. For the rest of us? It’s pretty damn lonely.

Having been a published author for a couple of decades now, one thing I can say is that the author community is AMAZING in cooperation. Now sure, it’s not perfect, and some genres are better at it than others. For those who don’t write within the genre lines, or who create their own genres, it still can be difficult, and marketing is always an uphill struggle. But within those cooperative spaces, there truly is a belief that a rising tide lifts all boats.

Neurodivergent individuals often have difficulties with traditional employment; I know I certainly do and by most measures (at least up until about 8 years ago), I could be seen as being rather successful at it. However, no one really knew the toll it took, not even myself until my brain and body said ENOUGH. (Which frankly is why I’m so passionate about Unscramblet and work-life balance!)

One of the things I’ve taken from the author world and brought to the Chicken Yogi Discord (click on the big blue button above to join!) is mutual promotion. You share a direct link to a social media post you want shared and then share the other posts in the thread. In turn, those other individuals who have that post will share your posts. Shares count as engagement and hopefully will get your post in front of people who may not have otherwise seen it.

This mutual promo is low stakes, low risk, and yet will help so much with the feelings of aloneness and invisibility that often occur when you’re a neurodivergent or marginalized entrepreneur.

Finding community, making connection goes a long way toward battling the thoughts that often plague our brains. You’re not alone. You’re finding community. And you’re helping get the word out about the work you do and the things you create. It’s a small, positive step that could have big rewards.

I hope you’ll join us.